June 8, 2023


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Adron Homes Reinforces Commitment To Customers, Unveils Feedback Form

Adron Homes and Properties,  A leading real estate firm in Nigeria has recently unveiled a Customer Feedback Form. This new development became necessary in the  brand’s bid to continue to prove that they are always available to attend to their client’s needs via various channels, including their client service mail, website chat box, and social media direct messages.

The real estate company has also emphasized its commitment to transparency and honesty in all its dealings.

In a bid to showcase its transparency and commitment to customer satisfaction, Adron Homes has also provided a link to a customer feedback form, urging its clients to provide feedback on their experiences with the company.

Adron Homes has for years built a reputation for providing quality and affordable housing solutions to Nigerians, and the company remains committed to delivering on its promises to its clients. With their dedication to transparency and honesty, Adron Homes is well-positioned to maintain their position as one of Nigeria’s top real estate companies

See below for Adron Homes customer feedback:

Dear esteemed client and the general public, “it’s been brought to our notice that misinformation is being shared across social platforms about Adron Homes.”

“We want to assure you that these allegations are unfounded, and we have taken it upon ourselves to clarify the truth. We remain available to attend to all clients via any of our client service mail (clientservice@adronhomesproperties.com), website chat box, and social media DMs.”

At Adron Homes, “we stand by our commitment to transparency and honesty, and we will continue to uphold these values in all our dealings. Thank you for your continued trust in us.”

See below the Adron Homes Customer Feedback Form