July 15, 2024


Jesam Micheal, the Fintech Expert cum entrepreneur genius is set to open the biggest apple store, AAS Apple store in Lagos on Saturday, 27th Of January 2024.

Arguably known as the tech guru with the Midas touch, he is a man on a mission with a unique vision.

In a way to stand out among others, Jesam Micheal, a visionary leader, made it known that the concept is to ensure that every investor get the promises made to them fulfilled.

Speaking on members of AAS community can seamlessly make use of the Apple store, He made it known that the AAS token can be used to trade and buy any gadget in the store.

“With your token, you can walk into our apple store to purchase any gadget you want. If you are holding an AAS token in your wallet, walk into our store in Ikeja and meet with the marketers. Once you transfer your taken to them, they know what to do. In few minutes, you get your gadgets.”

Jesam Micheal also revealed that the event will be graced by crypto gurus, important personalities and media partners, He urged everyone to get their tokens ready in order to trade seamlessly.

”We have the likes of the crypto gurus that will be here to grace the occasion. We have media partners and important personalities that will grace the occasion. Get your tokens ready.”

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