July 15, 2024

President Hage G. Geingob of Namibia, who took office in 2015 and previously served as the country’s first prime minister after independence, died early Sunday. He was 82.

The presidential office announced his death in a statement on social media that was attributed to Vice President Nangolo Mbumba, now the acting president.

The unfortunate demise of the president fulfilled the 2024 prophecies of Primate Ayodele which he released on Friday, 22nd Of December, 2023.

Primate Ayodele in his 90-page prophecies highlighted some events that will happen in the course of the new year. Among them was the death of a sitting president which he asked the world to pray against.

These were his words

‘’The spirit of God says we must rebuke another outbreak of CoronaVirus and Ebola Virus in Africa and some other parts of the world. Let us pray not to record the death of a onetime Prime Minister, a sitting Prime Minister, a sitting President and a former President in the world’’

Apart from the 2024 prophecies, Primate Ayodele in his annual prophecy book titled Warnings To The Nations (2023/2024 edition), revealed that he foresees a new government in Namibia.

‘’ NAMIBIA : There will be a new government in the country as revealed by the spirit of God. The country needs to be more prayerful for them to succeed in their various efforts. The country needs prayers against external threats. I foresee that the poverty level in the country will be high. The spirit of God says there will be cases of corruption. The government of the day needs to be careful of implementing wrong policies that will create social and political problems. The country needs to be very careful to avert further crash in its economic standing.’’

With the death of President Geingob, Primate Ayodele’s warnings to the nation of Namibia have been fulfilled. This also adds to the list of the prophet’s 2024 prophecies that have come to pass already.

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