March 24, 2023

Daniel with a portrait of E-Money


At the age of 16, young Daniel Akinola has already found his future through the pencil and paper as a pencil art, in this exclusive interview with Odu Black, he takes us through his journey and dreams.

Read Excerpts from the interview

What is your name?

I am Akinola Daniel

You are a pencil artist at 16, how did it begin for you ?

At my very early childhood my best fun was spending my time drawing cartoon from neswspaper and magazines like Super Strikers , I also enjoyed drawing the images from my text books.

Daniel presenting a pencil art to Primate Ayodele

Then when I got to JSS1, I got an android phone that opened my eyes to a new world of art and from there I meet Segun Omiyera an experienced artist who remains, a true friend, brother and mentor, so that is how this fun journey began with his guidance.

So far, what has the experience been for you in the business?
Glory to God, I have imbibed the spirit of hard work, discipline and dedication. It has kept me on track and been providing for me and it gives great joy because for me it is not money it also gives me joy.

Can we get to know some of the great people you have painted so far?

By God’s mercy and grace I have Painted people like, Apostle OREOLUWA ENIOBANKE, BROWN, Bishop David Oyedepo, Primate Ayodele, Mercy Aigbe , Femi Adebayo(all of whom I have met one on one) so I thank God that I found my pencil early.

What has been your greatest challenge in the world of pencil work?

Distraction from friends who saw a useless youth, but I thank my God who gave me the grace to stay focused because many of them are begging me today to teach them.

Who is that one person that kept you encouraged and the person you call your mentor?

There is an endless list of great artist that kept me encouraged that there is a future in this people like , Mayor Art ,Arinze Stanley,Waspa Art,Kelvin Okafor, Jono dry , Segun Omiyera, collectively they remain my role models.

What is your greatest fear in life?

I stand strong in Christ,I have no fears, I just Know Christ has paid the price for me. My own is to Obey and enjoy a great future God has for me

What get you upset?

Hah! I hardly get angry , I even can’t because it is not biblical and I am blessed with a pastor like Oreoluwa Eniobanke Brown, who keeps teaching us to stay away from anger and fights.

Who is that one person you cannot wait to paint ?

Sorry sir I cannot say it as I do not like to count my eggs before there hatch.

Where do you see yourself in a few years?

Aside from archiving great Education by studying visual art, I plan to see my paintings in shining light in great capitals of the world like, London Paris, New York, Tokyo and Akinola Daniel Art serving as a driving force for the next generation.

Thanks for your time

You are welcome.


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